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Yuliasri Perdani and Ruslan Sangaji, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta/Palu | Headlines | Tue, September 16 2014 In the wake of the arrest ... Details

Ruslan Sangaji, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Mon, September 15 2014 President Susilo Bambang Yu-dhoyono has warned the country against ... Details

By Agence France-Presse | Sep 14, 2014 Jakarta. Indonesia’s anti-terrorism police have arrested four Turks suspected of being linked to the Islamic ... Details

 Jakarta, ICIP happily joined the Katalogue Camp that held in January 17 - 19 2014 in Puncak Bogor. Katalogue is a ... Details

 Jakarta, In year 2012, ICIP conducted a series training named ‘Students against violence, building a better Indonesia’. From every training there ... Details

Jakarta,On November 29, 2013 ICIP was invited by the SGBI management to talk and share its ideas, insights and experiences on ... Details

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    Indo - Iran
  • Workshop Pendidikan Jurnalistik Untuk Kalangan Pesantren di Jawa barat
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  • Workshop Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh untuk Transformasi Masyarakat Islam Melalui Pesantren
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